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Bread and More!

Capri Italian Bakery in Dearborn, MI is the source for a wide variety of Italian breads and other savory and sweet baked products. We bake traditional Italian loaves as well as rolls and specialty breads daily. Our hand rolled dough is also used for our pepperoni rolls and pizzas. For dessert, we have a selection of cannoli, Italian cookies and other sweet treats.

Grab a Loaf

                                            Traditional Italian Breads

Round Bread

Hard outside with a dense inside this round bread is great for sandwiches.


Twisted shape, hard outside, firm inside, this traditional bread is less dense than round bread and great for breaking apart for dipping.

Hobo Bread

This cylinder shape bread is baked in a coffee can. Soft inside it makes for a fun sandwich bread.


Small and football shaped, our Panini bread is hard  outside, firm inside, split on top. It is great for dipping and for  sandwiches.

Long Bread

Classic Italian style some compare to "French" bread. It is crusty outside, firm inside and split on top making for great toast.

Dinner Rolls

Nice size, round shape, soft and can be crusty if not put in a plastic bag.

Egg Twist

Long braided oval shape with raisins it is golden outside with a light texture inside.

Specialty Breads

We offer a variety specialty breads
to suit all needs.

Pan Bread

Our traditional white and whole wheat pan bread is sure to please.

Italian cookies