Hours of Operation:



   7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday – Friday
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM 
7:30 AM to 3:00



Why We "Run Out"

We make one large dough early in the morning, let it proof, scale it into weights which
are shaped into our products, proofed again then baked. Most days we make more
than one dough.

1. At 3:00am our bakers decide how big the dough will be to make everything for the start of the day.
2. Determine how many of each item will be made from that dough.
3. Scale the huge dough into weights that make each item.

Example…out of one dough we will make approximately 75 bread, 3 doz dinner rolls, 300 pepperoni rolls, 20 XL pizzas, 30 U-bake size, etc.

Once each dough is made, shaped, and baked we are done with that part for the day.
We continue to freshly bake pizza and pepperoni rolls all day. If you call and want
something, we are flexible in some things because we will keep raw dough just for
that reason.

Every day is an educated guessing game as to how many of each item will sell. For the most part we are very good at this and come out right at the end of the day. Sometimes you the customer fool us and buy more or less of something on a particular day. Therefore, we run out.

More About Our Pizza Sizes and Methods:

Extra Large Pizza
$26.00 size
Measures 18" X 24"
Cut into 12 - 5"x5" squares. To serve we cut the squares in half…..equals 24 pieces

Cut square pizza||||

Extra large pizza||||

Large Pizza
$13.50 size
Measures 12" X 18"
It is half of our XL cut into six slices which we cut in half
for 12 pieces

Sliced large pizza||||


Unbaked Pizza
Measures 18" X 12"
This pizza is the same size as our Large baked. Made
exactly the same way only in an aluminum tray for you
to take home and bake.

Large unbaked pizza||||


Stretched Dough
You make your own pizza or focaccia.

Stretched dough pizza||||


Baby Unbaked Pizza

1/4 sheet size