Words cannot express our gratitude for the support given by our customers.  Being an essential business has allowed us to remain open during this entire pandemic.  Every time the door opens and a customer walks in, we smile and are pleased to help you no matter if you buy one slice or a pile of groceries.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to pay our bills and our staff.  Our employees are thankful to have a job and earn an income.          

Beyond staying open and able to sell our product....the generosity we witness by our customers brings a tear to our eye in some way every day.  You buy food for your families and neighbors to share.  You pay for an officer or fireman in line.  You buy lunch for the person next to you.  You put your change and more in our tip jar.  You respect the next person in line and stand "in place".  It warms our hearts.

As we struggle to move forward and get past this "thing" we are dealing with, we will continue to follow strict CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and our customer.

Thank you for all your support,

John & Ronda Errigo                                                                                                     

Everyday $6.75 buys 2 slices and a drink

Cheesy Pull Apert Meatball Sub



              Whether you "grew up" on Capri Bakery or you are meeting us for the first time, we make you feel like family.                                     In business for 47 years, third generation owners, John & Ronda Errigo work hard at keeping family traditions alive                          while also integrating new items into the menu.

              We are a retail bakery selling more than just bread. We make everything from scratch and hand roll our products                              every day. Only the highest quality ingredients go into our bread, pizza, and pepperoni rolls to ensure consistent                              good food at a great price. Our pizza and pepperoni rolls are locally famous for a distinct taste people crave.                                     When you walk in and smell our fresh breads baking, you will be tempted to try a new one each visit. Our traditional                       Italian breads are made in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as specialty breads such as cinnamon raisin or                                garlic cheddar onion.                                                                                                                                                                             Try one of our many cookies, pastries, & pies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out our menu and product links to see all                we have to offer.


We have Halal Pepperoni

Come in or call to place your order. We would love to hear from you.